More on Alpine Paramilitaries

Okay, last we checked in TPM Reader CO told us that alpine rescue gear from Bulletproof Securities might just be a snow groomer from a ski slope painted with camo. But TPM Reader M gives us the full story ….

Hrmm. A little too much snark. It’s a treaded four-wheel drive vehicle (well, four-tread drive) and if one were to patrol snowy areas that might actually be useful. (And the guy in the picture is wearing snow camo.)

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The question is, did they do any conversion work on the vehicle? Is it armored? If not, you might as well be riding a snowmobile, except one that’s slower and easier to hit. If they were actually going up against bad guys with guns, and they haven’t bolted on any armor for the vehicle, as soon as the shooting starts the vehicle is disabled and the driver dies. Not much point to it them. You can compare and contrast it to an MRAP:


Or a MAXXPro:


The snow groomer doesn’t look like it has been uparmored. {goes looking it} AHA!

It’s a Tucker 1600 series Sno-Cat – late 80’s vehicle according to the spec sheet:

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At any rate, it could be useful, but your correspondent is right. It looks like they just repainted it. Which is kind of a giveaway. It’s painted in green camo. Not much point to that, unless you’re using it in Arizona mountains in the summer when it’s hot and there’s no snow. (So why the snow in the picture?)