Live Blogging pt.2

8:17 PM: Newt is so in his element tonight. He’s feeling his wheaties, able to get off his blunt comments and snark against a rival and managing a pretty good retort all in the process.

8:26 PM: That was weird. I think Herman Cain just said that he’d profile Muslims from the Arab world and South Asia but he says he’ll let the professionals tell him that it’s the Arabs and Pakistanis who need to be profiled.

Here’s what Cain said …

I believe we can do a whole lot better with TSA, and I call it targeted identification … Targeted identification. If you take a look at the people who have tried to kill us, it would be easy to figure out exactly what that identification profile looks like. But I want to make sure that i get to the patriot act

I happen to believe if you allow our intelligence agencies to do their job, they can come up with an approach … Wolf, what I’m saying is let’s ask the professionals to give us an approach of how we can increase the identification of people that might be a danger to civilians as well as a danger to this nation.