Live-Blog Pre-Blog

In case you couldn’t have guessed, we’re live-blogging this baby.

So, what do you expect? Sedate? Lots of firepower? Willard-mania? What does your gut tell you we’re going to see tonight?

7:49 PM: While we’re waiting, check out my friend Josh Green’s primer on the most crushing zinger in presidential debate history.

7:52 PM: And if that’s got you pumped, read this story about how the automatic cuts coming with the ‘fiscal cliff’ will toss more than a million people out of work.

8:03 PM: You’ll be able to watch the debate live on the web right here.

8:39 PM: Interesting sample size. TPM Reader JP notes that 100% of the people who’ve signed an individual mandate law are going to be on the stage tonight.