Laura Bush and Cindy McCain Added to Monday RNCC Agenda

In a conference call with reporters just now, RNC officials announced some additions to today’s abbreviated convention schedule.

First Lady Laura Bush will introduce a video of the various Gulf Coast state governors (all Republicans, I believe) this afternoon and Cindy McCain will also address delegates, urging support for hurricane victims. Their portion of the program is expected to begin shortly before 6 ET.

“We will try not to overly politicize it,” McCain campaign manager Rick Davis Davis said on the call, referring to the additions of Bush and McCain to today’s agenda.

Today’s events had already been largely canceled, except for necessary party business which has been condensed into a two-hour session this afternoon that was intended to be devoid of political speech-making and the other usual convention pomp and circumstance.

Late Update: On the call Davis suggested that no decision will be made on Tuesday’s schedule until Tuesday morning once the impact of Gustav can begin to be assessed.

As the conference call wrapped up, Davis appeared to play down the chances of McCain making his acceptance speech from the Gulf Coast or anywhere else other than St. Paul.