Last Day

Folks, this is the last weekday or our annual Prime sign-up drive. Our goal for this drive and for September was to get to 23,000 members. That puts us on track to get to our 2017 goal of 25,000. We are currently at 22,999 members. If you’re a regular TPM reader, we need you to sign up. Just click right here. If you can sign up now, just click and don’t worry about reading the rest of this post. If you’re not sure or if you give me a solemn assurance that you’ll remember to click and sign up and reading the rest of this post, then it’s okay to join after the jump to read the rest of this post.

I’ve spent a lot of time over the last month talking to people from other news organizations who’ve wanted to talk to me about what we’ve done with Prime. They’re under pressure. In many cases, they’re retrenching, ‘pivoting to video’, laying people off. The big thing we have is a committed and loyal audience that finds something unique and valuable about us and what we do. That’s always been a huge, really the cornerstone asset of this organization. But it wasn’t always a big business side asset. That’s what has made the success of Prime possible. It’s a huge business asset in the emerging media environment. It’s why we’ve been able to continue our small, incremental additions of new reporters while other organizations are cutting back and letting people go.

We have a lot of new stuff we want to do next year. That’s also been a lot of what I’ve been working on over the last month or so, along with new things we’re adding to Prime. I’ll be talking about all those things in subsequent posts. But everything we are doing now comes back to you and your Prime memberships. We are planning to add more to what you get, make it better, make it more something you feel like you can’t do without. But the biggest thing I want you to know is how critical it is in keeping this organization not simply in existence, but vital, able to do all the myriad things that make us different, unique, valuable.

If you’re already a member, thank you. We’re going to be adding a bunch of new things to Prime this fall that will make it much more of a must read and must have than it’s been before. But mainly thank you for supporting what we do. If you haven’t signed up yet, there’s no better time than today. Click right here and join us.