Key To The Story

I mentioned a number of the times the close-knit, half-law-&-order, half one step ahead of the law New York City/GOP world without which it’s basically impossible to understand Donald Trump. It’s the Trump world, the Rudy world, the Ailes world and a slew of other mini-tycoons and sometimes politicians who’ve built a certain sort of clannish, often incestuous and uniquely authoritarian-leaning GOP that could only exist in what is one of the richest and also most liberal cities in the world. Allegra Kirkland captures it here in just one paragraph of her look at “Judge Jeanine” Pirro.

The two are bonded by their roots in the insular, tough-talking New York GOP political world; years of interfamilial professional and personal ties; stridently pro-police attitudes; interactions with the legal system that never quite landed them in trouble; and an innate understanding of how to keep the cameras on them—at any cost. For both the pundit and the President, politics is just good business.

Pirro, clownish and over-the-top as she is, is a key person in the Trump universe, not the least because she’s running lead, far more than fellow Trumper Sean Hannity on goading and enabling Trump to fire Mueller and even imprison Mueller and basically everyone else in federal law enforcement who hasn’t taken the Trump yoke. Read the whole piece. She is, very unfortunately, important.