Just Like The Other Senate Spouses

TPM Reader WB checks in with his take on the McMahons:

I have to agree with your Reader MM, the McMahons shouldn’t be let off the hook for what happens in their industry so easily because the performers are “independent contractors” and/or narcissists.

Here is a sample of Vince McMahon dealing with one of his “independent contractors,” a young man named Darren Drozdov who could vomit at will and McMahon was auditioning to be a featured performer in WWE as “Puke” from the documentary Beyond The Mat:

Does McMahon seem like a guy who is concerned about the health and safety of his “independent contractors,” or like someone who is more interested in exploiting them?

Sadly, Drozdov was paralyzed during an match not long after this clip was filmed. It’s probably to the McMahon’s credit that Drozdov is currently employed (in a non-performing capacity) by WWE. Still, I remember being struck by the extent to which McMahon seemed totally indifferent to Drozdov’s health and well being by encouraging him to incorporate his ability to vomit into his act.