It’s His Nature

I was just watching the first segment of Hardball where the topic of discussion was Trump’s non-existent impulse control and the persistent theme of grievance that is driving his attacks on the press, Judge Curiel and everyone else. Everybody had their idea. But how should this surprise us? Grievance and a desire for revenge has been the essence of Trump’s campaign from the very beginning.

It’s been Mexicans, blacks, foreigners, the GOP establishment, Rubio, Bush, Cruz, Hillary, the protesters, etc. Trump is only about grievance and payback, revenge.

He can’t turn it off because it’s in his nature. He can’t turn it off when it’s damaging politically rather than political helpful, as it was when he dispatched all those Republican challengers. As I said yesterday, Trump is profoundly insecure and emotionally needy and is clearly a pathological liar. Given his long history of scams, exaggerations, business failures, frauds and more and the escalating press scrutiny of so much of this history … well, it’s not going to be pretty at all.

Trump has spent his entire life surrounding by yes-men and enjoying a generally fawning press. Relentless scrutiny, even occasional scrutiny will bring out his driving grievance and desire for vengeance in its worst possible light, all about himself, hiding his misdeeds and attacking anyone who questions him.