First Hurdle Cleared

As noted last night, our TPM delegation to Toronto will be aloft shortly. And the first major hurdle of the trip has been cleared. We had to wonder. How will the TSA react to our team’s attempt to board an international flight carrying three cast aluminum statuettes of Duke Cunningham? I’m happy to report it came off without a hitch.

Here’s Hunter Walker’s report …

I am pleased to report that the TPM Toronto delegation (myself and the indefatigable Ms. Yumi Araki) survived a brutal wake up in the wee hours and we have arrived at Newark Airport for our 8:45 a.m. flight to Fordlandia. The three solid gold paint Golden Duke statuettes made it through the TSA checkpoint without incident and we are currently ensconced in the complimentary lounge for Canada’s biggest little airline, Porter. Outside the windows we can see dawn rising over the domain of Chris Christie. It is a beautiful site. Please enjoy the accompanying photo of Yumi, Duke, and I enjoying our first taste of Canadian hospitality.

(Photo credit: Some kind Canadian woman we accosted in the lounge)