I Want to Move to Mississippi


If you’re stuck on the germ of the story for your new Southern Gothic novel, I gotcha covered.

Last night, Paul MacLeod, owner of Graceland Too, which roadsideamerica.com calls “a manic floor-to-ceiling (including the ceiling) tribute to The King”, shot and killed a man, 28 year old Dwight David Taylor.

MacLeod, famous for claiming to drink at least 24 cans of Coca Cola a day and seldom sleeping, answered the door to his 24-7, 365 days-a-year house-turned-Elvis museum (which you can tour for a mere $5) to find Taylor. Evening visitors are nothing new for MacLeod. Graceland Too is locally famous as a late night destination for local college students looking for kicks or an injection of kitsch to help drive a buzz.

Taylor asked for money. MacLeod say no. Then Taylor wedged his foot into the door jam of the front door of the shrine as MacLeod tried to close it. When Taylor began to force the door open, MacLeod shot him once in the chest with his .45 caliber handgun.

Taylor was pronounced dead at 10:41 PM, shortly after police responded to a 911 call, his body just inside the doorway to MacLeod’s home.

MacLeod was questioned by police and released. No charges are expected.