I can’t be the only one who’s thought of this.

In late December of last year The New York Times wrote a lengthy article about the various donors to the Clinton Foundation, and the conflicts of interest (real or apparent) they might create for Sen. Clinton should she become president. At the time Bill Clinton said that if Hillary were elected he would disclose the identities and contribution totals of all the Foundation’s contributors going forward, though not the ones that predated her presidency.

The Foundation’s contributors include not only a number of heads of state but also a lot of high-flying businessmen who play the game so high in the stratosphere that what we normally consider foreign policy questions routinely play into their business interests.

Now, Secretary of State is not president. But in the foreign policy realm, it is as close as you get. So how does this all play out if she’s nominated to serve as Secretary of State? Does the same going-forward disclosure policy apply?

Late Update: I’m not sure when today this article went up. But it turns out the Times has a piece up on their site about precisely this question.

Latter Update: TPM Reader PD reminds us of this follow-up to the December 2007 Times article. Also by Becker and Van Natta.