Hiring: Junior Developer


We’re hiring a new Junior Developer to help us build out the publishing platform that will shape the future of digital journalism. Interested? Full listing after the jump …

TPM is hiring a full-stack junior developer to work out of our New York City (midtown) office. TPM produces fast paced, iterative news and we are seeking another developer to help build and support the digital publishing technologies that will power the future of online journalism.

We’re a small team with agile software needs. Some of our signature projects include:

Polltracker: Our award-winning poll tracking and aggregating app that logged the most accurate averages and predictions of any aggregator in the 2012 election cycle.

Canvas: Our internal content management system and publishing platform that gives our editorial and publishing teams unique, powerful tools to publish, curate and shape content for our readers.

Baroque: Our innovative curation app that provides our editors realtime, responsive control over the layout and content of our frontpage.

Election 2012: A realtime map of state and national election results that ran during the 2012 election

We believe in creating beautiful and responsive apps that make technology catalyze rather than constrain reporters’ ability to tell stories quickly, seamlessly and in ways that engage readers. We strive to improve how journalism is practiced by building tools that facilitate the original work our reporters and editors do. If you’re a fan of journalism and want to cut your teeth at one of the most innovative news and tech environments in the industry, TPM is the place for you.

Former TPM developers have gone on to work respected media outlets like The New York Times and ProPublica. As a TPM developer you will be exposed to a wide range of responsibilities which will give you the opportunity to master the latest web technologies. From HAProxy to Ruby, Unix sockets to websockets, you’ll gain experience building the apps that power TPM and maintaining technical infrastructure they run on.

We’re seeking self-motivated developers who have a passion for learning. Our most successful developers were fans of TPM before joining the team (but if you’re not yet familiar, check us out and become a reader!). Successful candidates will be eager to work in a collaborative environment, be agile in adjusting to the needs of the organization, and have an open-mind when it comes to solving problems. You will be working with our senior developer to build new products and handle the day-to-day technical needs of the organization. Working at TPM means working on software that millions of people use every month. It is challenging, engaging and rewarding work. Come help us shape the future of digital publishing.

Competitive salary, health insurance coverage, 401(k), three weeks paid vacation per year. To apply, send a resume and cover letter to our comments email address talk (at) talkingpointsmemo.com. Include the subject line: “Job App: Junior Developer.”

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