Head to Head

The political geek in me loves this kind of stuff.

SurveyUSA has just come out with its 50 state polls comparing the head-to-head match-ups between Hillary and McCain and Obama and McCain.

Hillary v. McCain:

Obama v. McCain:

As it stands now, either Dem wins against McCain. Keep in mind this is different than a single national opinion poll, some of which show McCain ahead. SurveyUSA‘s exercise here is to allocate electoral votes based on its state-by-state polls.

The interesting thing though is how close Obama and Hillary are to each other in electoral vote count. It’s only a 4 vote difference, even though Obama carries far more states. The key difference? She takes Pennsylvania and Florida.

Late Update
: Before the arrival of emails from supporters of each candidate, let me acknowledge that there is limited utility in this sort of exercise. Some state polls, for example, are within the margin of error, etc. But this is catnip for junkies.

Later Update: We’ve got a discussion going on the maps at TPMCafe.