Hang Time

Eric Kleefeld and I are analyzing the various digs and semi-digs at Rush Limbaugh, followed by various sorts of apologies. And we’re trying to put together some good systematic data on pre-apology hang-time. In other words, how long post-dig did it take for the different Republicans to succumb to the force of Rush’s power and recant.

So far it seems like Steele may have held out for almost 48 hours, which is longer than the mere 24 that Rep. Gingrey managed. On the other hand, Steele may have had an advantage because his original comments were buried on CNN’s DL Hughley show. So probably not many people saw it.

So there’s probably some legitimate question as to proper scoring.

Meanwhile, Eric Cantor did a very mild rebuke of Rush’s ‘fail’ rhetoric on the Sunday shows yesterday. And so far he’s hit roughly the 36 hour mark with no clear recantation on the books.