“Fuzzball” Ryan

Ron Sachs/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

We got a new entry into the “fuzzball” Trump endorsement category: Paul Ryan.

But wait, you say, he’s saying he can’t endorse … yet. Please. Let’s go back to the explanation of the “fuzzball” category in the TPM Trump Endorsement Scorecard.

The fuzzball designation is reserved for the many elected officials who are making various nonsensical statements or arguments just to avoid answering the question. They’re fuzzing it up, but generally not well. So for instance, today, Sen Susan Collins says she’ll consider supporting Trump if he starts being nice to people. What?

Admittedly, there were some pointed disagreements among the judges on this one. But here’s the deal. The consensus of the judges is that this is simply a high minded form of obfuscation.

We know who Donald Trump is. You support him or you oppose him. But he’s not going to become a different person over the next few months. Even Marco Rubio could only keep up his “personality transplant” for a week. He might talk differently. He might become less damaging to Republicans or he might improve his chances to win. But he’s not going to change.

Note also that as far as I could tell Ryan was unable or unwilling to point to any specific policy or statement that Trump would need to change or recant to bring the Speaker on board.

This is, as I noted above, a lot of high-falutin nonsense designed to dodge the question.

We welcome your comments on this weighty matter.