First Bund-oid Arrested In Oregon

Alex Milan Tracy/Sipa USA

The first Bundy militant was arrested in Oregon today by federal officials. You’re probably saying, “About time!”

But the nature of the arrest really captures the ridiculously virtual nature of the ‘stand-off’. 62 year old Kenneth Medenbach had headed out from the compound to the local Safeway, presumably to stock up on milk, flour, Twizzlers, whatever. But that doesn’t seem to be why he was arrested, not precisely. He was arrested not only because he was off the compound and presumably easy to arrest but because he’d taken a U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service vehicle!

So not only does this “militant” get to head down to market to pick up more Fritos for the standoff. He actually uses a government vehicle. He can’t even be bothered to use his own car!

So apparently Ken wasn’t arrested for occupying and destroying federal property or threatening federal officials. He got arrested for unauthorized use of a federal vehicle.

It really captures the ridiculousness of the situation. But, hey, it’s something.