Dem Debate Blogging #5

10:25 PM: I must say I find the whole idea of ‘auditing’ the Iowa caucus is silly and even vaguely offensive. Obviously, they can recount and do whatever. But a lot of what people are talking about are things that are inherent to the ‘caucus’ process. It’s not an election. It’s not one person one vote. It is inherent chaotic and kind of messy. Now, maybe we shouldn’t have caucuses at all. I think it would likely be a good idea to get rid of them. But for now, that’s how they do it in Iowa. Most of the people complaining are either being disingenuous or simply don’t understand the process. Why is the DMR is saying it’s a problem when they’re the big paper in the state? Good question. I don’t have a good explanation for that. But I stand by what I said above.

10:29 PM: I will put my cards on the table. I think Sanders would be cut to pieces in a general election. I think he’s great. I’d support him like crazy if he were nominated. But I think he’d be cut to pieces.

10:31 PM: “Before it was the emails it was Benghazi.”