Dem Deb Blogging #4

10:25 PM: Interesting response from Clinton here about the “red line” and chemical weapons. This would be an obvious place for her to distance herself from Obama and from all accounts she was more hawkish on Syria than Obama. And yet she’s making a very subtle and I think right-thinking point. We hear a lot about the red line. And I think there’s real merit to the criticism. But there’s this other side too: you don’t just start killing people just because of something you said in the past. And we did get an agreement that with the Russians got chemical weapons out of the hands of the Syrian regime. I was surprised and impressed by that answer.

10:28 PM: I could come up with some arch way of saying this. But I just have this strong and I think accurate sense that whenever Gov O’Malley jumps in it’s generally some opportunistic comment that is not only basically off point but also something he probably wouldn’t be saying or care about if it didn’t seem to make sense in the context of the political debate.

10:32 PM: Hillary Clinton’s answer on Putin is one of those answers – smart, comprehensive, knowledgable – that make me think she’d be a really good president.