Debate Live-Blog Part Something

10:02 PM: My basic impression of this debate is that none of these folks is strong enough to withstand Perry’s entry into the race. I don’t mean I think he’s going to win necessarily. But Mitt’s hold on frontrunner status looks very shaky to me. It’s just that no one else up there can really match him. What’s weird about Perry is that usually these savior-like late entrants to a race end up going absolutely nowhere — Wes Clark, Fred Thompson, etc. But Perry actually seems to be registering strongly in the polls. He’s bad bad news for Romney, maybe fatal for Pawlenty. He’s certainly managed the atmospherics of his entry perfectly.

10:19 PM: Sheesh, Ron Paul is going the full Howard Zinn/Noam Chomsky here.

10:24 PM: I think Cain’s plan to pull the price of oil so low it puts the squeeze on Iran may lack certain realism.

10:29 PM: I love it when right-wingers get in such a froth over Iran that they end up standing up for gays.

10:35 PM: I just realized this is a scheduled 7 hour debate.