Conservatives Rise to the Hipster Menace

You’re a conservative walking down a street in Fort Greene, Brooklyn. It’s a quarter to 1 on a Saturday night. A group of hipsters are keeping up not far behind you. You’re alone. They’ve got their swarthy ‘staches and flannels, laughing, with a penumbra of menace rising over you. Monocles. This is why they have conceal carry laws. But you’re not packing.

I haven’t read this new book but I’m willing to go on the record as certain it addresses situations like this. It’s Not Cool: The Hipster Elite and Their War on You brought to my attention just now by the indefatigable Amanda Marcotte.

Granted the menace of hipster violence may not be the top issue. The problem appears to be hipsters being aggressively cool in front of conservatives and making them feel bad.

With the War on Christmas now largely tapped out, we’ll probably be hearing more about this new assault along with the so-called ‘War on Ketchup’, the attack on real America’s condiment of choice by coastal Sriracha-squirting elitist and their foreign sauce.