Clown Car in the Trainwreck Blogging

10:09 PM: Always interesting to see Huck somewhat pivoting against his opponents. Also, was he saying he’s going to get the pimps and prostitutes to pay taxes?

10:11 PM: I’m really not sure Chris Wallace wins this. We’re supposed to feel bad that people who invested in one of Trump’s companies lost their money when the business failed?

10:13 PM: I’d like to thank Time Warner Cable and their amazingly bad cable TV service for making it hard for the staff here to watch the debate for the last few minutes. I would like Donald Trump to buy TWC so he can drive it into bankruptcy so maybe we can get service from a different company.

10:28 PM: Okay, I think the last part of Trump’s answer about when he became a Republican was his first sour note. The abortion answer was reasonably okay as ridiculous answers go. But the ‘when I became a Republican’ answer was almost incomprehensible. I became a Republican because the last few months of W’s administration was terrible so I became a Republican? What?

10:30 PM: Again, Kasich just too normal a person to be on this stage.

10:40 PM: Frightening the amount of ignorance and nonsense coming from Ben Carson. Smallest Navy since 1917? As President Obama once said, there are these things called Aircraft Carrier Groups.

10:43 PM: Listening to these jokers talk about military and security policy is sobering as I get more pessimistic about the Democrats’ chances in 2016.

10:54 PM: Consensus Republican answer: God speaks to me all the time. But in fairly conventional ways.