Burying the Lede

Todd Gitlin notes the major papers’ rather reticent response to al Maliki’s Der Spiegel interview.

Todd wrote about three hours ago. As of just before midnight, as far as I can tell, the Post relegates the story to two paragraphs near the top of the paper’s story about Obama’s trip to Afghanistan. The article returns to the topic and provides some elaboration at the end. The Times gives the story almost the identical treatment — a short reference below the lede and returned to at the end of the piece.

The most credulous take I’ve seen so far is CNN’s which all but takes al Dabbagh’s ‘translation error’ explanation at face value.

Let me know what write-ups you’re seeing.

Late Update: I’m not sure precisely what it ‘means’. But in scanning around the major news sites I’m noticing that the better coverage of this story seems to be in the big papers’ blogs rather than in their front page stories — most of which are now out on the websites.