Bundy Socialism

As you know, Cliven Bundy ended his role in the mainstream of American politics with his running disquisitions on “the Negro.” But the greater folly of Bundy-ism and its more mainstream penumbra is that these avatars of anti-government self-sufficiency are living in the part of America that lives in what can best be called a bubble of big-government socialism. Bundy’s ranch and, truth be told, huge swaths of the American far-west could never have been settled or kept running without massive on-going federal subsidy since the mid-19th century until today. Who do you think cleared the Indians? Built the dams and roads? Who do we think ran the phone lines for handfulls of people whose business could never merit the investment in true market terms? It’s almost funny when you look at the big picture. Jonathan Earle explains in this must read piece.