Buck Up, Wuss

TPM Reader RD (with a female first name) isn’t having any of it …

I think Dems deserve to lose if they feel like that person in the email. Dems are funny in a way Republicans are not; they are effeminate (for lack of a better word). They get their feelings hurt or perceive they are losing or they become disappointed in their candidate, they go around with the “Woe is me, I am so depressed but I’ll do what I have to do”.

What’s even more amazing is it is the Dems, not the Repubs who let a debate… a debate…after over three years in office, and Obama still can’t please these crybabies. The “Woe is me” attitude brings down everyone around them.

Funny, dems are doing EXACTLY what Rush Limbaugh claimed the media was doing to surpass the Republican vote. Make them think it was a done deal, Mitt could not win. But dems can only blame themselves. They’ve told Obama what they thought of his performance and instead of waiting to see what happens at next debate, instead of listening to what he’s saying, looking at his actual actions, they they have pretty much written him off (apparently the person in your email post has but hey, they’ll do their part begrudgingly and vote for him).

I say this as someone who was behind Bush all eight years, who supported Obama in 08′, who supported him his whole presidency, even when he made decisions I did not agree with, and I support him now.

No wonder dems always look like wussies and go down with their heads between their legs. Yes, the right word is EFFEMINATE!