‘BSA Liberates 75% of Scouting’

TPM Reader EL, a Scout leader, checks in:

RE David’s headline on the proposed BSA policy change, the summary “BSA Punting Issue To Local Chapters” is true, but incomplete. It would be equally true, and perhaps more fair, to say that “BSA Liberates 75% of Scouting to do the right thing.”

The simple truth us, up to ¼ of all BSA Troops are sponsored by just two organizations the “Mormon” or LDS Church, and the Roman Catholic Church. Scouting could not survive the overnight shuttering or secession of a quarter of its local sponsors.

On the other hand, progressive local Chartered Organizations like ours have been pushing for this change. We prefer to focus on the good news–that 75 percent of our local sponsors now have the chance to offer Scouting without discrimination to all our sons, and to enlist the talents of our gay brothers and sisters as leaders.