It was Bridget Kelly


There’s been a mystery about just who David Wildstein was texting with in those now infamous texts where he says “I feel badly about the kids … I guess” and the mystery person replies “They are the children of Buono voters.” Well, it was Bridget Kelly.

Ryan Lizza I believe incontrovertibly proves that here.

What remains unclear to me is this: just how did a seemingly real time screen capture end up in this document dump? Unless I’m not thinking this through properly (a real possibility) there’s no way that image, with battery and connectivity meters showing, comes into being unless you screen cap it at the time or soon after it happens. Since it identifies Kelly as the counter-texter, the phone is clearly Wildstein’s and also certainly he made the screen cap. But why?

Ed.Note: Two corrections on this post. It is Bridget Kelly. But I got out of order who said what. It’s Kelly who says she feels badly about the kids and Wildstein who says they’re kids of Buono voters. Second, readers point out that iPhones hold their text history pretty much indefinitely. So Wildstein could have made this capture weeks later, perhaps even to comply with the subpoena that started this whole ball rolling.