Blitzkrieg Debate Live Blog

9:01 PM: And here we go.

9:09 PM: Did Cavuto just blame the financial crisis on Obama?

Governor Kasich, we are not even two weeks into this stock trading year. Think about it investors have already lost $1.6 trillion in market value. That makes it the worst start to a new year ever. Many worry things will get even worse, banks and financial stocks are particularly vulnerable. If this escalates like it did back when Barack Obama first assumed the presidency, what actions would you take, if the same thing happens all over again just as in this example you are taking over the presidency?

9:15 PM: I think someone told Marco Rubio this night may be the last chance. Whoever did was right.

9:18 PM: God. I really can’t process Ben Carson. An enemy power has nuclear warheads that it can deliver by ballistic missiles. So they explode a few in the stratosphere to zap our electrical grid. And then they have on the ground terrorists exploding dirty bombs? Plain old, vanilla nuclear weapons are really devastating. No need to get fancy. I think they’d go with the straight up nuclear weapons. Why Alex Jones it?

9:23 PM: Only surprise for me so far is that all the animus and attacks are directed outward. No intramural attacks so far.

9:26 PM: I don’t know what commercials people are seeing in other parts of the country. But in New York, to give you a sense of the Fox Business market, it seems like half the commercials are for private jet charters.

9:26 PM: Here we go.

9:29 PM: That was well-rehearsed. Tries to evoke Reagan in 1984.

9:31 PM: This is such a bizarre exchange.

9:33 PM: I’m curious why Trump doesn’t find someone besides Larry Tribe to cite. It’s such an easy swipe back. There are lots of others. Trevor Potter just to start with.

9:37 PM: Trump was wobbly on the eligibility question. But he knocked the anger question out of the park. He knows his argument.

9:40 PM: Not that it will do Christie much good. But he just crushed Rubio. Made him look stupid.

9:44 PM: To Kasich’s credit, he ignored the toxic import of what Bartiromo was getting at with the Sanders question.

9:46 PM: Why is Ben Carson in this debate?