Big News From SCOTUS

The consensus from reporters and legal experts scampering out of the Supreme Court as today’s oral arguments wrapped up a few minutes ago is that the mandate is, in the words of Jeffrey Toobin, in “grave trouble.”

Toobin also observed that Solicitor General David Verrilli had a “bad day” arguing in favor of the mandate. “He was not ready for the answers from the conservative justices,” Toobin said on CNN.

More soon from TPM’s Sahil Kapur, who was in the courtroom.

Late Update: Reactions from others whom I trust:

I just instant messaged briefly with Sahil Kapur, our reporter on the scene, and he was more circumspect than Toobin, agreeing that the administration was subject to tough questioning, but noting that a clear majority bloc has not emerged yet to strike down the law.