Avoiding Apocalypse Election Live Blog #2

7:35 PM: We are having some load issues with our election results console. Hope to have it back momentarily.

7:30 PM: Bunch more states, lot of ‘too early to calls’.

7:00 PM: And here we go. 7pm first big batch of states.

6:55 PM: Good grief. Pat Toomey just announced that he did vote for Donald Trump after all. He resisted answering this question or perhaps even deciding until now.

6:49 PM: BREAKING: We have a breaking story out of California: a shooting near a polling station in Azusa. One person dead, three injured and an active shooter situation. It is not clear yet whether this incident is tied to the election or the polling station or just happens to be proximate to a polling place. More as we get more information.

6:45 PM: All the hints over recent days about Florida and Democratic turnout seem like they’re turning out. Record turnout in Broward County, which is of course a key Democratic bastion in the state.

6:43 PM: TPM Reader DW is all set …


Been reading for 15 years and it keeps getting better and better. Well done, sir! Here’s our Harlem spread tonight…

Blueberry Moonshine “Donkey Punch”
Cranberry Moonshine “Elephant Blood”
Blue and red chips.
Taco bowls.
7 Circles of Hell Layer Dip
Blue Cornbread