Anybody Got A Plan?

Democrats in Congress wield the power of the majority and the advantages of incumbency but they’re also facing a potential trouncing at the polls in November.

So how are congressional Democrats planning to use the tools still at their disposal to hold on to their majorities?
OK, well, I mean what popular proposals are Democrats planning to make Republicans vote against between now and the August recess, when the 2010 campaigning really heats up and they can beat them up over their no votes?

Um, OK, what about a coordinated legislative strategy on jobs and the economy that builds relentless pressure on Republicans as the elections approach making them vote for popular items that drive a wedge between them and their base?

Alright then, maybe a coordinated communications strategy with the White House?

Hmmm, how ’bout coordinated communications strategy amongst themselves?

Ookaay, perhaps agreement that they’re on the same team?

Collective recognition that losing in November is a bad thing?

Yeah, I should have known better than to ask.