Another Rep Jumps Off the Train

Another GOP Rep says he’s abandoning his Norqust no tax pledge. This time it’s Rep. Chris Gibson (R-NY) who only a year ago was getting harangued by constituents over the pledge.

From the Oneonta Daily Star

More than a year after he took a pledge to refuse to support any tax increases, newly re-elected Rep. Chris Gibson, R-Kinderhook, confirmed Tuesday he is on a new path — one that does not include embracing conservative Grover Norquist’s push for holding the line on taxes regardless of the consequences.

Asked if his decision shows he has evolved to the point he will no longer assume the position of an inflexible naysayer against higher taxes, Gibson told The Daily Star, “I don’t envision signing any pledges now because going forward I have a record that I’m proud to run on that’s pro-growth.”