All Over But the Trumpin’ Live Debate Blog #4

10:11 PM: It’s disorienting when Trump says things that basically make a lot of sense.

10:15 PM: “One of the saddest things I’ve ever seen.”

10:16 PM: Rubio’s line about Israel-Palestine not being a real estate deal would be a good line if Rubio weren’t losing so badly.

10:18 PM: Interesting that the logic of Kasich’s argument here is that what President Obama is doing now is getting results with China and North Korea.

10:28 PM: All we have to see here is that Cruz and Rubio are lost in this conversation about who wrote a check to John Kerry and did he say something about Libya. They’re lost. None of this matters.

10:30 PM: “This guy is a choke artist and this guy is a liar.” … Rubio: Do you see how he’s being mean again?

10:35 PM: Cruz and Rubio doing so badly even Blitzer’s standing up to them.

10:36 PM: What Rubio just said makes no sense. Apparently doesn’t know what a backdoor is.

10:40 PM: I’m not sure the president is supposed to intervene in on-going Court cases.

10:41 PM: Interesting juxtaposition between three overlapping ridiculous ideas about border walls.