Act Like It

A very telling, interesting conversation right now on CNN between Corey Lewandowski, Jeffrey Lord, Van Jones and David Axelrod. I think it’s a close call whether or not Clinton should concede tonight. It’s very hard to see any viable path to victory. That said, it’s hardly unprecedented for this to happen. It happened just a dozen years ago, in 2004 – the last time we had a really close election, one that went super late into the night. It was pretty clear that John Kerry had lost in the early morning the day after the election. But he waited until the morning to concede. But here you have Lewandowski railing against Clinton for not conceding immediately while Axelrod says in so many words to him and to Trump: You won. Start acting like it. Don’t relive every slight and anger from the election. What’s worrisome about Trump, in addition to his being Trump, is that he’s got very, very few steadying people around him. That’s very worrisome.