A Note for Mobile Users

We’re launching a redesign version of the mobile version of TPM. More details after the jump.As part of the relaunch of TPMPrime next month, we’re launching a fully redesigned version of our Mobile site. To be crystal clear, what I’m describing below is not part of Prime. It’s freely available to everyone. I mention Prime because they’re both run on the same new publishing platform so they’ll both debut simultaneously.

In line with what we believe make the best mobile sites, we’ve tried to keep it simple. The new site is much cleaner and loads dramatically faster than the old one. We’ve also mobile-optimized LiveWire, which previously was not part of the mobile site.

Needless to say, this image includes placeholder headlines and images. So disregard those. But it gives you a look at some basic changes. Most notable is the navigation at the top that allows you to toggle between the front page news section of the site, the editor’s blog and Livewire, the three core parts of the site.

image content

We’re particularly excited about the inclusion of LiveWire since it’s now grown into such a core part of TPM. One note for clarity. For the time being, TPM on tablets will stay the same. The above applies only to iPhones, Androids and other smartphone devices.

Expect to see this new version of the mobile site showing up on your smartphones in the first half of August.