A Fascinating Read

If you have a few moments today, definitely read this piece on The Citadel by TPM reporter Eric Lach. It’s the story of a planned survivalist, gun, ‘redoubt’ community out in Idaho. So on one level it’s garden variety Crazy, a whole community based around gun-ownership, frequent militia training and built in such a way to have various defensible structures (turrets, defensible walls) for like whenever the Black Helicopters or Obamacare bureaucrats of FEMA concentration camp folks show up. But at the same time, it’s got all these trappings of a planned community, for people who think like you do, who want to participate in civic and community events — plays, sporting events and all the rest. So a lot of what many people yearn for and some people actually go and find communities to do in — only in this case they want to stockpile guns, ban liberals and ‘marxists’, build up the turrets and defensive walls and militia drill nonstop for when the tyrants show up. Sort of like a lock-n-load, take it from my cold dead hands ashram. Read.