A Bit More Rubes-Gazing

We’ve got a bit more polling data on what to expect in the results tomorrow night. It’s the final tracking poll data from ARG. Details after the jump …

As I noted earlier, the polls out today showed no dramatically changes on the Trump or Rubio front. And even within that broad picture of stability, there were a bit contradictory.

Here, as you can see, ARG shows Rubio trending up a point a day for the four days up until debate night, February 6th, and then falling three points over the next two days. That would be consistent with a movement of voters in Rubio’s direction which was halted by Saturday night’s malfunction.

Also, notable is this breakdown …

The samples sizes are quite small here. So it’s important not to read too much into them. Not the “probably” group is only 9% of the sample. But Cruz, Christie and Trump stand out as the candidates doing better among those who say they will definitely vote.

Again, this is just one poll. A handful of others came out today based mainly on data from Sunday. They showed general stability in Rubio’s numbers.