Virginia Dem Candidate Moran Gives His Cell Phone Number During Televised Forum

This is an interesting moment from a forum last night for the Democratic gubernatorial candidate in Virginia. Former state Del. Brian Moran said that he would not take Guantanamo detainees even if President Obama called him up — and then he gave his own cell phone number out on TV. Check out the 42:00 mark:

Moran communications director Jesse Ferguson has confirmed to TPM that the candidate has gotten phone calls from people he does not know. “He got calls from folks who liked his performance during the forum — it was broadcast around the state,” said Ferguson. “And he actually got a lot of text messages from people, as well, saying he had their support. And those have come over the last 24 hours to that phone number.”

So how many strangers have called Moran up? “When you’re running for Governor of Virginia, the voters of Virginia aren’t strangers,” Ferguson said cheerfully. “Folks who may not have had his cell phone number prior to seeing it on network television, it’s been in the dozens.”

I have just called Moran on his cell phone, too, and left him a voicemail asking for further comment. And for the record, I gave him my own cell phone number, in case he wants to get back to me.

(Via Not Larry Sabato)