Trump Tweets That There Are Broken Voting Machines Across The Country


Donald Trump tweeted Tuesday afternoon that he was hearing about some broken voting machines all over the country. That turned out to be false.

CNN swiftly debunked Trump’s assertion, clarifying that Utah officials were citing a problem in the county, not across the country.

“CNN is not reporting that. The problem is problems across the county, a county, not the country, as Mr. Trump tweeted. The difference of an “R,” but kind of an important one,” CNN anchor Jake Tapper said on air.

The fact that Trump was already casting doubt on election results before the polls closed, however, could bode negatively as the night goes on. It feeds into the Republican nominee’s screeds across the country over the last month is “rigged” and raises again the specter that he will defy political norms and not accept the results of the election.