Tracing the Origin of the Judd Gregg-to-Commerce Concept

The Beltway media circuit is minorly abuzz this morning about the possibility that Sen. Judd Gregg (R-NH) could be named as Barack Obama’s Commerce Secretary. The New York Times reports that the Obama administration “has approached” Gregg — whose nomination would ostensibly trigger a Democratic appointment from New Hampshire Gov. John Lynch, bringing Democrats to the edge of a pivotal 60-vote majority.

But the original report in Roll Call, as well as subsequent reports, source the notion to the Senate and not the Obama camp. If you were Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), and you wanted to send a message to the GOP about its perilous hold on the ability to filibuster with a major stimulus bill coming up … how would you do it?

Late Update: Gregg acknowledges the talk of a Cabinet slot in a statement just released by his office.

I am aware that my name is one of those being considered by the White House for Secretary of Commerce, and am honored to be considered, along with others, for the position. Beyond that there is nothing more I can say at this time.

And then he pulled off an article of clothing, in the slow striptease of a moderate Republican up for re-election