TPMDC Sunday Roundup

Gates: WikiLeaks Docs Posting ‘Puts Our Soldiers At Risk’
Appearing on This Week, Defense Secretary Robert Gates denounced the WikiLeaks posting of documents about Afghanistan: “Well, I’m not sure anger is the right word. I just — I think mortified, appalled. And — and if — if I’m angry, it is — it is because I believe that this information puts those in Afghanistan who have helped us at risk. It puts our soldiers at risk because they can learn a lot — our adversaries can learn a lot about our techniques, tactics and procedures from the body of these leaked documents. And so I think that’s what puts our soldiers at risk. And — and then, as I say, our sources. And, you know, growing up in the intelligence business, protecting your sources is sacrosanct. And — and there was no sense of responsibility or accountability associated with it.”

Mullen ‘Appalled’ By WikiLeaks Docs
Appearing on Meet The Press, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen denounced the WikiLeaks posting of documents on the Afghanistan war: “There is an ability to put this kind of information together in the world that we’re living in and the potential for costing us lives, I think, is significant. I said when it first occurred I was appalled. I remain appalled and that the potential for the loss of lives of American soldiers or coalition soldiers or Afghan citizens is clearly there.”Mullen: ‘I Believe That We’ve Got To Stay’ In Afghanistan And Pakistan
Appearing on Face The Nation, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Adm. Mike Mullen said that the American presence in Afghanistan and Pakistan was needed in order to prevent the formation of a terrorist haven. “We left Afghanistan in the late ’80s, we left Pakistan in the late ’80s, and we find ourselves back there now. And certainly the questions that are out there from the citizens in those countries are, ‘Are we going to stay this time or not?'” said Mullen. “I believe that we’ve got to stay.

Kyl Supports Ending Birthright Citizenship For Children Of Illegal Immigrants
Appearing on Face The Nation, Senate Minority Whip Jon Kyl (R-AZ) said that he supports changing the law to eliminate birthright citizenship for the children of illegal immigrant parents. “The 14th Amendment [has been] interpreted to provide that if you are born in the United States, you are a citizen no matter what,” Kyl said. “So the question is, if both parents are here illegally, should there be a reward for their illegal behavior?”

Pelosi: ‘I’m Not Nervous At All’ About November
Appearing on This Week, Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) was asked whether she was nervous about the November elections. “No, I’m not nervous at all,” Pelosi said. She further explained: “Well, let me say this. I never take anything for granted. And our agenda now is we’re not going forward — we’re not going back to the failed policies of the Bush administration. We’re going forward.”

Graham Fears ‘Unholy Alliance’ Of Right And Left Against Afghanistan War
Appearing on State of the Union, Sen. Lindsey Graham declared: “You know what I worry most about: an unholy alliance between the right and the left.” Graham further explained: “That there are some Republicans who are not going to take a, you know, do-or-die attitude for Obama’s war. There are some Republicans that want to make this Obama’s war…You’ve got people on the left who are mad with the president because he is doing exactly what [former President George W.] Bush did and we’re in a war we can’t win…My concern is that, for different reasons, they join forces and we lose the ability to hold this thing together.”

Levin: Afghanistan ‘A Mixed Picture With Some Signs Of Progress’
Appearing on State of the Union, Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) touted some progress in Afghanistan. “What I see is a mixed picture with some signs of progress,” said Levin. He also discussed the July 2011 withdrawal date: “That date is very visible now. The American people understand it. It’s critical that, that date was set to show that it isn’t a blank check. It’s not an open-ended commitment of American troops in the same numbers that we’re going to have there. We’re going to begin to reduce our military presence; the pace will be determined by the conditions. But the beginning point is July of 2011 and the Afghan leaders know it. This has been a really strong message to the Afghan leaders that they must accept responsibility – major responsibility – for their own security.”

Palin: ‘Jan Brewer Has The Cojones That Our President Does Not Have’
Appearing on Fox News Sunday, former Gov. Sarah Palin (R-AK) praised Gov. Jan Brewer’s (R-AZ) actions on illegal immigration. “Jan Brewer has the cojones that our president does not have,” she said. “If our own president will not enforce our federal law, more power to Jan Brewer.”