Toomey: Pro-Stimulus Republicans Like Specter “Will Inevitably Face Consequences”

Former Rep. Pat Toomey (R-PA), who just narrowly lost his 2004 primary challenge against Arlen Specter and is widely reported to be about to jump in again this year, is already making the rounds of the right-wing Web.

In an interview with NewsMax, Toomey discussed his disgust with the three Senate Republicans who enabled the Obama stimulus package to pass, saying that the Senate Republicans had been empowered to force a more favorable compromise with greater tax cuts: “Instead, these guys just completely sold out, and the answer is I think they will inevitably face consequences for this.”

When asked if he’ll be the one to challenge Specter: “I’m giving that some very serious thought, and there’s a real chance I’ll decide to do that. I think we really need people in the United States Senate who are willing to stand up and say, ‘Enough of this, you know, crazy economic policy.'”

Toomey also made it clear that he’s looking more at the Senate race now than the governorship, which he’d been publicly mulling before Specter came out for the stimulus: “I’ve given that some consideration as well. At this point I’m more inclined and more focused, and I think I can probably accomplish more, in the United States Senate.”