Tea Party Crowd Boos The Fact That Reagan Increased Deficit

Check out this YouTube of Rep. Steve Driehaus (D-OH) being ambushed by a Tea Party crowd at his town hall from two days ago, and how they reacted when he committed an unpardonable sin — criticizing Reagan!

At the 2:30 mark here, a woman got up and made the extraordinary claim that Reagan tripled federal tax revenues by cutting the top marginal rate from 70% down to 28%:

After the cheering calmed down a bit, Driehaus pointed out: “What we saw is also a tremendous increase in the deficit.” Apparently, the crowd then began yelling back that no, Reagan did not increase the deficit.

As you can see, the crowd also chanted “Vote for Chabot!” as Driehaus left — a reference to the former Republican Congressman that Driehaus unseated in 2008, and who is now mounting a comeback bid.

Note: Tax revenues did not triple under Reagan — the most generous method of counting, without taking into account population increases and inflation, is 80%. Driehaus could have stated that, but look at how badly the crowd reacted to the Reagan-deficit link.