Stupak’s Office Doesn’t Rule Out Retirement, Conservatives Already Airing Attack Ad (VIDEO)

Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI), who has faced criticism from both liberals and conservatives for championing a pro-life position during the health care debate, and then ultimately voting to pass the bill, isn’t closing the door on retirement. And if he does run, the opposition on the right is already gearing up against him.

“Every two years, Congressman Stupak discusses with his family and his constituents whether to seek re-election. He believes that is what the people of the First District of Michigan deserve,” Stupak’s press secretary Michelle Begnoche told CQ, in response to speculation that he might retire. However, Begnoche did say that “campaign plans are proceeding,” and that Stupak has the petition signatures needed to appear on the ballot.Meanwhile, the Tea Party Express group, a project of the right-wing Our Country Deserves Better PAC, has already rolled a $250,000 TV and radio ad campaign against Stupak, targeting him for his role in passing the health care bill.

“Congressman Bart Stupak, you’ve betrayed our Constitution,” the announcer says sternly. “You sold us out on the health care vote. And now it’s time for you to pay the political price.”