Sharron Angle Hires Scott Brown’s Online Fundraising Team

Sharron Angle, the Republican nominee for Senate in the top-tier race against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, has recruited some big-name talent coming off her win in the Republican primary: The media team that previously helped Republican Sen. Scott Brown pull off his big victory in Massachusetts.

Angle has signed up Prosper Group, which managed Brown’s website and fundraising operation, the Associated Press reports. Brown was able to raise $12 million online, in a race in which he defeated Democrat Martha Coakley in heavily-Dem Massachusetts. Reid already had over $9 million on hand as of May 19, according to FEC reports, and reportedly plans to raise as much as $25 million total for the race.

The TPM Poll Average has Angle ahead of Reid by 45.2%-40.5%. The Democrats plan to take down Angle by playing up her various extreme stances and associations, such as her ties to the Oath-Keepers, her backing of a Scientologist-designed prison drug rehab program, her opposition to Social Security, etc.