Sharon Angle Joins Tea Party Campaign Group

Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle may have gone down in the Nevada Senate race, but she’s wasting no time ensuring Tea Party ideals are represented in 2012. According to Roll Call, she is joining Tea Partiers from 15 states to promote a political action organization.

The Patriot Caucus — founded in December, 2009 — will set up offices in many key battleground states, including Iowa, New Hampshire, Florida and Nevada in early 2011. The group will also launch what organizers call a “state-of-the-art” website that will serve as an online hub for the group.“The tea party movement stood with me through a hard fought race against Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid,” Angle said in a statement. “It’s time for me to give back and help our movement take the fight against big government to a new level.”

Team Angle did not immediately respond to TPM’s requests for comment.

Correction: The Patriot Caucus is not new, as this post originally suggested, but Angle’s involvement with it is.