RNC Chair Candidate Traces Political Beginnings To Opposing Busing

In the race for the RNC chair, it’s becoming difficult to figure out which candidate is the most problematic in terms of party outreach to minority voters and adjusting to the political realities or our times.

The Politico reports that South Carolina GOP chairman Katon Dawson has publicly traced his political coming of age to the civil rights movement — that is, opposition to 1960’s busing policies. “Government reached into my life and grabbed me and shook me at the age of 15,” Dawson told a University of South Carolina audience in 2003.

The star of this particular show has been Chip Saltsman, who sent out a CD to committee members containing a song called “Barack the Magic Negro.” But some more attention is also being paid to Dawson, who has faced scrutiny for his membership in an all-white country club — which he only resigned shortly before starting his current campaign. And now there’s this, too.