House GOP Holds Emergency Huddle To Talk Over Ethics Rules Change


House Republicans are holding an emergency meeting Tuesday to discuss a changes they made Monday to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics, according to a Republican congressional aide.

The change – which was included in a comprehensive rules package– would change the way the OCE is governed and would largely nullify the independent body’s power and put it under the control of the congressionally run House Ethics Committee.

The change was highly controversial, with 74 Republicans actually voting against it.

The rules change faced incredible backlash Monday night and early Tuesday with Republican President-elect Donald Trump even tweeting Tuesday that he thought Republicans had better things to do.

During a session with reporters Tuesday morning, House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) wouldn’t say whether the rules package was in jeopardy because of the OCE overhaul. He referred questions about it to the House whip, but, the emergency meeting may indicated the package is in jeopardy.

Tuesday is officially the first day of the new Congress with new members actually being sworn in. The House was supposed to vote on the entire rules package later Tuesday afternoon.