Report: Rick Perry To Head Up Republican Governors Association

ZUMA Press/Newscom

Gov. Rick Perry (R-TX), who just won re-election, is set to take the leadership of the Republican Governors Association, the campaign group tasked with helping to elect GOP governors across the country, Politico reports:

Perry recently released a book taking aim at the federal government and both the subject of the tome, “Fed Up!,” and his promotion of it have increased speculation that he’s eyeing a presidential bid.

But his appointment to helm the RGA heading into 2011 – when three states will hold governors’ races – amounts to the first concrete evidence that the Texan is serious when he says he has no interest in pursuing the White House. It would be nearly impossible to raise money for the committee and help direct the gubernatorial contests in Louisiana, Mississippi and Kentucky while simultaneously running for president.

There is possibly an even more important question here. By taking part in a truly national organization to strengthen the Republican Party across the whole country, does this mean Perry has truly given up on secession?Also, the Dallas Morning News reports, Perry is hoping to recruit Democratic governors to his push for expanded states rights vis-á-vis the federal government:

“I can’t believe a Democratic governor would want Washington D.C. telling them how to run their staets any more than a Republican governor would,” he said. “Particularly if we can save dollars and show the federal government how we can deliver different services better, efficiently and cheaply.”