Reid Ad Uses Debate Clip To Hammer Angle (VIDEO)

The Harry Reid campaign is already out with a TV ad using video from last night’s debate against Sharron Angle, taking her on for opposing mandates that require insurance companies to require various procedures.

The moderator Mitch Fox is shown asking the question: Is there anything the insurance companies should be mandated to cover? Anything?”

Angle is shown pausing, and answering in apparent disbelief: “Anything at all?”The announcer cuts in: “At the debate, Sharron Angle couldn’t think of a single thing insurance companies should be made to cover. Not one thing. Not colon cancer tests. Not mammograms. Not autism. Nothing.”

Then Mitch Fox is shown: “Okay, so no insurance mandates.”

“Not if Sharron Angle has her way,” the announcer says. “That’s extreme. And dangerous.”

The TPM Poll Average gives Angle a narrow lead of 47.9%-47.4%.