Reid Ad: Angle Is A ‘Pathological’ Liar (VIDEO)

Harry Reid has a new ad in the Nevada Senate race, taking on his Republican opponent Sharron Angle’s pattern of dodging the press — and going further, citing the Nevada press calling her a “pathological” liar.

The ad opens with a video clip of Angle walking quickly away from reporters. “She ran from reporters, and now she’s running from the truth,” the announcer says. “Lying about Harry Reid in ads called ‘misleading’ and ‘false.’ Angle is so dishonest, the press calls her ‘pathological.'”

The ad then shows a video clip of Nevada political journalist Jon Ralston, apparently commenting on the Reid-Angle debate from two weeks ago: “Angle frequently twisted the truth — which she’s done this entire campaign.”

Then the announcer comes back. “Harry Reid? Worked his way up, never forgot who he’s fighting for. Creating thousands of jobs, and clean energy, tourism, mining.

“Harry Reid: fighting for us. Sharron Angle: pathological.”

The TPM Poll Average gives Angle a lead of 49.7%-46.4%.